20' & 30' Skid-Mounted Mobile Vaporizers!

Worthington-ARITAS  is proud to announce its new product line for Vaporizers.  The 20' and 30' Skid-...

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Our new Quality Certificates

ARITAŞ, as a globally known manufacturer of cryogenic engineering & technology products is alway...

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58 m3 LNG trailers are ready for their mision towards SNOWIT (Snow White LNG Terminal)









1978: Mass production of water treatment units for military purposes and industrial applications.      

1981: Company structure and name changed to “ARITAŞ Water Treatment Corporation” (ARITAŞ Su Arıtma Sanayi A. Ş:) and design, production and installation of turn key water treatment systems continued.

1982: A new land was bought and production facilities were moved to Tuzla which is our on going location.      

1983: Production of pressure vessels took first priority and in this year first cryogenic transport tank and cryogenic storage tank delivered. This way, company became popular in cryogenic and water treatment sector.

1984: İstanbul and Ankara cities water treatment systems’ chlorine tanks completed and delivered.      

1990: Focused on pressure vessels and stopped production of water treatment systems and continued production of cryogenic vessels for domestic market.      

1993: An order received from Lebanon for a cryogenic storage tank and exported as scheduled. This was our first tank exported.      

1996: Company name changed to ARITAŞ Pressure Vessel Corporation (ARITAŞ Basınçlı Kaplar Sanayi A. Ş.).       

1998: Because of high welding quality, a military bid was won and for two years production of aluminium balancing pallets, ammunition storage and lifting booms continued. Before this project, members of military carried out a survey and ARITAŞ was awarded with AQAP-120 certificate  which was needed for member countries of NATO.

2000: Quality system’s certificates updated and ISO 9002 and AD Mekbleatt HP0 certificates received. 

2001: Production of 1.500 pressure vessel completed.    

2002: Export Department established.    

2004: Quality certificates updated and raised to ISO 9000:2000 and AD Merkbeatt HP0. Number of production of pressure vessels reached to 2.000.    

2006: In this year, because of increased capacity, the number of produced cryogenic tanks reached to 440 (average capacity approximately 33 m3/tank).

2007: In this year; production of 10 cryogenic tanks (each having capacity of 250 m3 ) completed and exported to 2 for France, 2+2 for Qatar, 4 for Dubai.        



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