20' & 30' Skid-Mounted Mobile Vaporizers!

Worthington-ARITAS  is proud to announce its new product line for Vaporizers.  The 20' and 30' Skid-...

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Our new Quality Certificates

ARITAŞ, as a globally known manufacturer of cryogenic engineering & technology products is alway...

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58 m3 LNG trailers are ready for their mision towards SNOWIT (Snow White LNG Terminal)












Trailer axle and capacity is designed according to Norway conditions with 48T payload.

ARITAS delivered LNG trailers to Norway. Trailers were designed, built and certified according to ADR. Loading of the trailers will be from SNOHWIT (SNOWWHITE) LNG TERMINAL, very well known worldwide as the LNG terminal on Discovery Channel. Some of trailers specifications are: Duplex outer vessel, stainless steel inner vessel, Aluminum cabinet, stainless chassis, capable of making transfer from both sides, hydraulic pump, flow meter,


Trailer has cabinet on each side allowing

         pumping from both sides.













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